How to use iPhone Face ID with sunglasses

Face ID is meant to work with sunglasses, however it is not perfect.

Apple's face-scanning tech ought to work with the majority of glasses. However, if you happen to have a pair of glasses that Face ID just does not work with, do not fret -- an easy modification of settings ought to help.

Each time Face ID is used in unlocking to unlock your phone, a combination of sensors invisibly project thousands of infrared dots onto your face, before matching these dots to your facial fingerprint, In a fraction of a second. Most glasses still permit the infrared radiation through for Face ID to verify you're gazing your phone. However, if you happen to have glasses that block the particular IR light Apple uses with Face ID, every scan can inevitably fail.

You can either take your glasses off to use Face ID, or you will disable Face ID's attention detection requirement. Open Settings go to; Face ID & Passcode and scroll down to the attention section. Slide the switch next to require Attention for Face ID to the off position and accept the warning.

With this feature turned off, Face ID will not need you to look at the screen or your eyes to be clearly open before it'll unlock your device via Face ID. In turn, eliminating this requirement can permit Face ID to work with glasses that blocked Face ID from seeing your eyes.

If you are not comfortable with Face ID potentially unlocking your phone once you are not actively gazing the screen, then your only alternative   is to seek out a different pair of glasses.
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